How is your KPI system?

Can you harness on the power of your data?

KPIs act as a compass helping managament take the right path toward strategic goals. Check out our latest infographic related to Key Performance Indicators!

Enjeux et Opportunités dans l'industrie d'assurance

Quelles leçons à tirer depuis l’entrée en vigueur de Solvency II ?

Le secteur d’assurance doit relever le défi de s’opérer dans un environnement toujours plus contraignant et menaçant. Parmi toutes les réglementations présentées ces dernières années par les régulateurs, Solvency II a été certainement la plus complexe en besoin de données financières. Malgré les diverses projets d’optimisation, le raccourcissement des délais et l’augmentation de l’efficacité restent toujours l’objectif numéro 1 des assureurs…

Corporate performance management in light of digital developments

Digitalization continues at high-speed in finance. Data analytics, cloud-based computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) are the buzzwords of this large-scale transformation. More data are available for organizations than ever. Companies which will be able to transform data (both internal and external) to valuable information for their business, will have a competitive edge. To gain more insight on how new digital platforms can simplify budgeting, reporting and forecasting processes, read our latest piece!

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Why treasury is a top target?

The world becomes more and more digital with each passing day: customers are increasingly using digital solutions offered by businesses. New technologies brought a tremendous amount of advantages and contributed to major innovation.  Nonetheless, digitalization also created new opportunities to criminals who use very sophisticated tools and methods, including social engineering and artificial intelligence, to hack into precious corporate data lakes and steal money at a relatively low risk. To get more information on how treasury management systems could help you to prevent and detect the risk of fraud, read our latest article!

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NX Partners

We are an independent advisory firm, created by former Big Four professionals, assisting companies, organizations, corporates, and financial institutions with all aspects of financial and debt management. Our mission is to support our clients with value adding services enabling them to develop or sustain their competitive advantage.  During our projects, we commit to offer an efficient mix of vision, experience, pragmatic & qualitative delivery capacity.

Our key areas of competence

  • Managing treasury and liquidity
  • Controlling – Reporting, budgeting and forecasting
  • Providing help with business process improvements and digital transformation
  • Assisting with growth & Innovation strategies
  • Software RFI & RFP

NX Partners’ clients are active in healthcare, construction, waste management and manufacturing. Geographically, our consultants currently advise and assist companies in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.


NX Partners is a certified and privileged partner of Kyriba in the Benelux region since 2015. We have been awarded by the treasury software company as Europe Emerging Partner of 2017.

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